Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget in downtown, Las Vegas has been renovated. Landry's Restaurant, Inc., purchased the Nugget in 2005 and immediately began a design concept with construction beginning about mid-2006. They re-designed the showroom with tiered theater style seating, re-did the health spa (it was already one of the best anywhere) and moved restaurants around to make it easier for customers to get to them.

But the best is the spectacular pool. The Tank is a new $20-million pool with a fantastic three-story waterfall and a variety of fabulous marine life. There are five species of sharks and an assortment of game fish within the 200,000 gallon shark aquarium. There is also a waterslide that adventurous people can ride -- it shoots you down a curving three stories and through a tube right in the middle of the shark tank. It's perfectly safe, but what a ride! Especially when the sharks take a look at you as you speed through their space.

The shark species include sand tiger sharks (they are the largest ones in The Tank), brown sharks, Pacific blacktip sharks, nurse sharks and a beautiful zebra shark. There are also southern stingrays and other fish all within this wonderful and colorful man-made reef habitat.

The new Golden Nugget has been re-born and is an even brighter star than it was in downtown Las Vegas.